Join us 7 days a week, from 11a.m.-4:30p.m. for lunch or a late afternoon pick me up.

Whether eating in or taking back to your place, you’ll have the same amazing flavors, sandwiches on freshly-baked bread, soups that fill you up, and salads bursting with hand-picked ingredients!


My favorite place to eat in town. Love the she crab soup and fries. The desserts are just awesome. Service is always good and they know me well enough now to know what I want when I come in.

Joel, who knows that Wednesday is She Crab Soup Day

Yum! Smithfield Gourmet Bakery and Café is delicious! I had a great meal here one Sunday afternoon while antiquing in Smithfield. Everyone is so friendly!

We had great service and great food! I had the house chicken salad on rye bread – their in-house fresh bread is to die for! They sell it for about $6 a loaf and you won’t regret it.The house fries are also handmade and soooo delicious!Lastly, the hot chocolate with whipped cream was stellar.This is going to be a special treat for me whenever I’m in the area or when I come to walk the park from now on.

Alison, Antiquer, Windsor Castle Park walker, hot chocolate fan